So what’s this all about then…

Heya! I’m Dorothy Black, a writer, columnist, journalist and speaker with a passion for relationships and self-empowerment. I did a series of talks in 2016 called Beyond The Good Normal, based on my book The Dot Spot – Adventures in Love and Sex

In the third talk, How to Bake an Orgasm, we discussed the new research into orgasm, including the ‘rediscovery’ of the clitoris by Dr Helen O’Connell. Since a large part of my work has included sex education over the past 10 years I was aware of how little the majority of women – of all ages – knew about their bodies.

During the talk the idea struck me again how vital conversation is in entrenching this information about the true structure of the clitoris. I’d used a 3D model of a clit at these talks and the fascination and joy of seeing it in it’s most basic shape was wonderful. And it is a beautiful shape. So it wasn’t a very big jump to wondering what it might look like as a pendant.

Read more about the clit here…

Many creators have put forward their renditions of the clitoris to start conversations, educate, and celebrate this beautiful pleasure centre, a body part that has been neglected, shamed and misunderstood for far too long.

After the talks, the columns, the book and the blogs, The Clit Pendant seemed the most obvious next step my contribution to these conversations.

Produced in South Africa with the help of jeweller Gaia Mather-Pike, The Clit Pendant is currently available in solid silver, with a 50 cm sterling silver chain. It’s about 2×2 cm.